OneHub Saigon with a vision to become a new Tech Hub in Thu Duc City

OneHub Saigon with a vision to become a new Tech Hub in Thu Duc City

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of information technology and innovation, Thu Duc City is emerging as an attractive destination for tech businesses and domestic as well as international investors. With a determined vision to become a technology hub, known as the Tech Hub of Thu Duc City, OneHub Saigon serves as the platform to contribute to the sustainable development of Thu Duc City in this era of digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Thu Duc City aims to become the new economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City

With a vision to establish itself as a dynamic Innovation Hub, Thu Duc City is committed to leading innovation activities in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The city is determined to foster the development of its knowledge and service-based economy with urban planning and design. It aspires to create a conducive environment, fostering collaboration and connectivity among technology businesses. Innovative ideas will be nurtured and developed, contributing to the sustainable growth of the technology and engineering sector within the city.

Saigon High-Tech Park is considered a science and technology area with strong development potential

Saigon High-Tech Park is considered a science and technology area with strong development potential

Considered a potential area of interest of foreign investors, Thu Duc City provides opportunities and an attractive investment environment for foreign technology companies. The remarkable growth and modern infrastructure of this region promise substantial benefits for investors, from accessing the rapidly developing local market to receiving support and incentives for technological innovations. This is considered a noteworthy location for investment and sustainable development in the field of technology and business.

Beyond attracting investments and technology innovations, Thu Duc City also serves as a technology transfer point for provinces in the South-Eastern region of Vietnam. With the presence of leading tech businesses and modern infrastructure, this area facilitates knowledge sharing and the transmission of advanced technologies to businesses and communities in the region. Technology transfer will significantly contribute to the economic and industrial development of the South-Eastern region while solidifying Thu Duc City’s position as a leading Tech Hub in the region.

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OneHub Saigon (Tower 1)

OneHub Saigon (Tower 1)

With the goal of expanding and developing products and services for key Southern areas, along with its advantageous geographical location, proximity to ports, and economically developing areas, Thu Duc City provides favorable conditions for exporting technology-based products and services to various international markets. It is evident that Thu Duc City, with its comprehensive urban development factors, holds great promise to become a vibrant center for creativity, leading the economy in the knowledge-based sector and serving as a hub for innovation. Step by step, Thu Duc City is forming a creative, highly interactive urban area within Ho Chi Minh City.

OneHub Saigon aims to become a promising “Technology Home” in the future

OneHub Saigon is an integrated business park situated at the gateway to Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), along Hanoi Highway and directly connected to the Train Station No. 12 of Metro Line No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien. OneHub Saigon is developing as a business park following Singapore standards. With its extensive green campus, it is poised to become a vibrant creative technology hub (Tech Hub) in Thu Duc City, anticipating the decentralization trend from central business districts to the suburbs and offering office space solutions for startups and large technology companies.

OneHub Saigon's location in Saigon Hi-Tech Park connects many key areas of the city

OneHub Saigon’s location in Saigon Hi-Tech Park connects many key areas of the city

Being part of Saigon Hi-Tech Park, businesses establishing offices at OneHub Saigon can also avail themselves of incentives designated for enterprises investing in this area. These incentives include corporate income tax reductions, exemptions from import and export taxes, and value-added tax waivers. Additionally, they can benefit from networking opportunities within the business community in Saigon Hi-Tech Park.

Moreover, OneHub Saigon is not exclusively tailored for technology companies. It accommodates a wide range of supplementary industries, such as new material manufacturing, precision engineering, e-commerce, finance, data centers,  transportation and many more.

Currently, OneHub Saigon has constructed and put Tower 1 into operation. Tower 1 is the first LEED Silver-certified office building, suitable for businesses following the Hybrid Working model operating within Saigon Hi-Tech Park. OneHub Saigon will complete and operate the remaining buildings in the future, offering various facilities like a shopping center, training center, and 1Hub Data Center with a total investment of up to 70 million dollars. OneHub Saigon is determined to solidify its development and aims to become a bustling Tech Hub in Thu Duc City.

Inside Tower 1 building at OneHub Saigon

Inside Tower 1 building at OneHub Saigon

OneHub Saigon promises to set a new standard for office business parks in Vietnam as the first project in Ho Chi Minh City to achieve LEED Silver certification. Its continuous robust development is oriented toward becoming a prospective Tech Hub in Thu Duc City, focusing on future technology and innovation.


With the aim of becoming a Tech Hub in Thu Duc City, OneHub Saigon is not just a typical workspace but a place that revolves around people. The design of OneHub Saigon Business Park is built on the concept of Work-Live-Play-Learn: integrating office spaces, commercial centers, training facilities, co-working spaces, green areas for community activities and sports. OneHub Saigon is poised to be an ideal destination for dynamic individuals and those seeking challenges, driving progress and innovations in the field of technology in Ho Chi Minh City in the near future.

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