Mixed-Use Commercial Space

With more than 100,000 sqm of space, the mixed-use commercial development will provide business space facilities as well as lifestyle amenities such as retail, F&B and entertainment facilities for tenants within the business park and residential clusters.

Office Tower

Having large floor plate designs and almost column free, the seven business park buildings ensure maximum efficiency and allow optimization of space through horizontal integration with adjacent units and vertical integration between floors.

Work-Office-Home-Office (WOHO)

Live connected with OneHub Saigon’s Work-Office-Home-Offices (WOHO) – a brand new concept that gives business owners the free-play to integrate and reimagine work-and-live spaces in a highly connected business locale.

Training Center

An integrated corporate training centre within the Park creates a conducive learning environment for employees, as well as networking space for building connections with other like-minded individuals within the exclusive OneHub Saigon community.

Event Plaza

Space for communities - OneHub Saigon believes in keeping its people happy and providing a conducive workplace that fosters interaction, collaboration and creativity.

Kiosk F&B/ Restaurant

For entertainment, relax and connected people within the Park.


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