Office for Lease in Thu Duc: A Growing Real Estate Market

Office for Lease in Thu Duc: A Growing Real Estate Market

Office for lease in Thu Duc has become a significant and vital component of the real estate market in the Southeastern Saigon region. With the rapid development of this area and a substantial increase in business activities, the demand for office spaces in Thu Duc is continuously growing. This surge in demand has led to the emergence and expansion of modern, well-equipped office buildings in Thu Duc, offering numerous opportunities and choices for businesses and organizations in search of ideal working spaces.

The Current Office Market in Thu Duc City

The office market in Thu Duc City is one of the liveliest and most attractive markets in Ho Chi Minh City. Formed through the merger of District 2, District 9, and Thu Duc District on October 15, 2021, Thu Duc City has become the center of Southeastern Vietnam. It is home to numerous university campuses, high-tech zones, new urban areas, tourist attractions, and entertainment hubs.

Thu Duc City boasts a strategic geographic location, convenient transportation, developed infrastructure, a clean and green living environment, and a highly qualified workforce. These factors have generated substantial demand for office spaces from both domestic and international businesses, particularly those in the technology, finance, real estate, education, and healthcare sectors.

Thu Duc City's office market is very vibrant

Thu Duc City’s office market is very vibrant

Increasing Demand and Rental Prices

After a period of stagnation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the office market in Thu Duc City is showing positive signs. Businesses are actively seeking new spaces to expand their operations, restructure their workforce, and recover from challenging times. Not only domestic companies but also multinational corporations are returning to Vietnam with more substantial investments, seeking office spaces to stabilize their business operations.

This robust return has led to a significant increase in successful leasing transactions, quickly filling up various office segments in Thu Duc. In some prime locations, the supply falls short of meeting the demand, resulting in office space shortages. Rental prices are gradually increasing, reflecting the vibrancy and high expectations for Thu Duc’s office market.

Attractive Investment Channel

With the promising outlook, the office market in Thu Duc City has become one of the most attractive investment channels for investors. The shift from the city center to suburban areas and the upgrading of Class A office projects are occurring at a rapid pace. Savvy investors are focusing on premium office projects in Thu Duc to take advantage of significant returns from high-rent office spaces, stable occupancy rates, and potential asset value appreciation.

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An office in Thu Duc City is an attractive investment channel in the future

An office in Thu Duc City is an attractive investment channel in the future

Presenting available office for lease in Thu Duc City

District 9 and Thu Duc are pivotal players in driving innovation during the Industry 4.0 era, contributing significantly to national security and defense. Although there is currently a limited availability of office spaces for rent in Thu Duc District, the existing options primarily consist of newly constructed buildings featuring spacious floor plans, contemporary designs, and facilities compliant with industry standards. These offices typically fall within the mid-range pricing segment.

District 9, specifically known as a high-tech zone (SHTP) and a hub for automation production, hosts prominent domestic and international enterprises in the science and technology sector, boasting a combined investment value of up to $7.1 billion. Notable investors in this region include Nidec (Japan), Samsung (South Korea), Intel (USA), and others.

The rental rates for offices in Thu Duc District and District 9, Thu Duc City can vary based on factors like location, size, quality, and amenities of the office building. Generally, rental prices in this area are more competitive compared to central districts like District 1 or District 3. For precise information regarding office rental rates in District 9 and Thu Duc, it is advisable to directly engage with office leasing providers or real estate brokerage firms for the latest and detailed insights on pricing.

District 9 and Thu Duc play significant roles in advancing innovation during the Industry 4.0 era

District 9 and Thu Duc play significant roles in advancing innovation during the Industry 4.0

The Benefits of Offices For Lease in Thu Duc City

Discover the numerous advantages and opportunities that come with leasing offices in Thu Duc City, a dynamic and strategically positioned area in Ho Chi Minh City.

Strategic Location

Thu Duc District is strategically located in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City, bordered by District 2 to the west, District 9 to the east, Binh Thanh District to the southwest, and Bien Hoa City (Dong Nai Province) to the north.

Accessible Transportation

The district boasts a well-connected network of roads that link it to various parts of Ho Chi Minh City. Infrastructure development supports efficient transportation within the district, and key roads like Le Van Viet Street and Dien Bien Phu Street contribute to accessibility.

Diverse Amenities

Thu Duc is a diverse district with both residential and industrial zones, meeting the needs of a varied population. Commercial centers, markets, and retail spaces offer a range of goods and services for residents.

Robust Infrastructure

Thu Duc is undergoing development plans to transform into a smart city. Smart city initiatives integrate technology for effective urban management, transportation, utilities, and public services, contributing to the district’s impressive infrastructure improvement.

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Paving the way for innovation and efficiency in urban living with good infrastructure

Paving the way for innovation and efficiency in urban living with good infrastructure

Talented Workforce

Industrial zones in Thu Duc host a skilled workforce focused on manufacturing and processing activities. The Saigon Hi-Tech Park, a prominent feature, aims to attract high-tech industries, indicating a commitment to fostering expertise in technology, research, and innovation.

Conducive Business Environment

Thu Duc District’s supportive policies for businesses, including regulatory frameworks, licensing procedures, and incentives, are pivotal in creating a favorable business environment.

Trends in Quality Class A Offices in Thu Duc City

Scarcity of Small and Medium-sized Office Spaces

With its convenient location, Thu Duc City is attracting numerous businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to rent office spaces. However, the supply of small and medium-sized offices in the area is relatively scarce.

Many businesses in neighboring provinces like Dong Nai, Binh Duong, and Ba Ria – Vung Tau aim to establish branch offices in Ho Chi Minh City for easier business transactions. However, renting office spaces in the city center can be challenging due to location and high costs. Therefore, these businesses opt for small and medium-sized office spaces in Thu Duc, which offer proximity to their production facilities and convenient commuting.

Additionally, numerous startups require office spaces ranging from 60 to 100 square meters to save on rental costs. Nevertheless, the supply of this office type in Thu Duc is limited, failing to meet the market’s demands. This situation is prompting many investors to consider developing more small and medium-sized office spaces in the area.

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The shift in Class A Office Investments in Thu Duc

In recent years, there has been a trend of shifting investments in Class A offices from central districts to suburban districts, with Thu Duc City leading the way. The main reasons for this trend include:

– Increasing demand for Class A office rentals from domestic and international businesses, while the supply in central districts is limited due to limited land space and high rental prices.
– Companies looking to save on office rental costs and searching for spacious, modern, and comfortable working environments.
– Businesses aiming to capitalize on new business opportunities resulting from Thu Duc City’s development, such as attracting high-tech investors, large real estate projects, and government incentives.

The trend of shifting Grade A office investment away from the center

The trend of shifting Grade A office investment away from the center

Long-term Investment Potential

According to real estate experts, Thu Duc City has immense long-term investment potential in the Class A office sector due to several reasons:

– The demand for Class A office rentals in Thu Duc City is expected to continue to rise, driven by the increasing number of businesses in key industries like information technology, electronics, healthcare, education, and more.
– The supply of Class A office spaces in Thu Duc City will increase with new projects and expansions from reputable domestic and international investors.
– Rental prices for Class A offices in Thu Duc City are expected to exhibit steady and sustainable growth over the long term, reflecting the competition among providers and the transition of customers from central districts to suburban ones.
– Thu Duc City is set to benefit from the favorable policies of both Ho Chi Minh City and the Vietnamese government in transforming it into an innovation hub for the city and the nation.

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OneHub Saigon – Quality Office for Lease in Thu Duc City at the Saigon High-Tech Park

OneHub Saigon is a mixed-use office complex project located in Thu Duc City, the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City, within the Saigon High Tech Park. OneHub Saigon boasts a vast area covering 12 hectares and features seven Class A office towers built to international standards. Tower 1 is even LEED Silver certified.

Additionally, the complex includes versatile commercial areas, serviced apartments, an educational center, and various entertainment facilities catering to customers’ diverse needs. OneHub Saigon is designed as a campus-style workspace, providing a modern, creative, and flexible working environment, making it especially suitable for businesses in the fields of technology, communications, and education.

Onehub Saigon - quality office for lease in Thu Duc city

Onehub Saigon – quality office for lease in Thu Duc city

OneHub Saigon enjoys an exceptionally strategic location, situated on the frontage of Hanoi Highway, right at the gateway to the Saigon High Tech Park. This area is the epicenter of economic and technological activities in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City. With this pivotal location, OneHub Saigon benefits from excellent transportation connectivity, being in close proximity to the city’s comprehensive and integrated transportation network, including major arteries such as Hanoi Highway, Ring Roads 2 and 3, and notably, Metro Line 1, providing quick access to the city center. With all these factors considered, it’s safe to say that OneHub Saigon will become a symbol of sustainable development and a success story for green office spaces in Vietnam.


With its rapid development and improving infrastructure, Thu Duc City is becoming an important economic center in the Southeastern region. Office for lease in Thu Duc not only meets basic requirements but also provides a modern and convenient working environment for companies and organizations.

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