OneHub Saigon: A green building meets international environmental standards

OneHub Saigon: A green building meets international environmental standards

Explore the mordern campus-style design and environmentally friendly workspace at Tower 1, OneHub Saigon. Enjoy a high-quality international standard working environment in this LEED certification office in HCM City.

Strategic location at the entrance of Saigon Hi-Tech Park office with great development potential in Thu Duc City

Recently, the trend of decentralization in Ho Chi Minh City from central areas has become a noteworthy phenomenon. This trend is influenced by the dynamic and ever-changing market economy.

LEED certification office in HCM

The trend of decentralization, moving offices away from central areas, is gradually becoming more common

Addressing the economic challenges in the current difficult market conditions, relocating offices from the central business district (CBD) to the suburbs brings significant benefits. This includes larger floor spaces, allowing businesses to optimize office space and create favorable conditions for future expansion as well as company growth.

Moreover, moving offices to suburban areas helps alleviate traffic and road congestion. Additionally, this trend fosters a comfortable and nature-friendly working environment due to the presence of lush greenery and landscapes compared to the tradition building in CBD.

Over time, businesses have recognized the significant advantages of choosing to relocate their offices to the suburban periphery. One of the most important benefits is lower office rental costs, resulting in cost savings for operating expenses.

LEED certification office in HCM

The investment by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee along with the upcoming operation of Metro Line 1 is reshaping the infrastructure of Thu Duc City

Another crucial factor is the flexibility during business operations. Placing offices in suburban areas allows businesses to tap into new markets by accessing urban and residential areas in Binh Duong, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai, and other regions.

The decentralization and relocation of offices from the CBD demonstrate the adaptability and flexibility of businesses. They enable companies to seize opportunities and tackle the challenges arising from a dynamic business landscape.

However, this trend also presents certain challenges. Moving away from the CBD may affect convenience in connecting with other companies, organizations, and centralized services within the city. Moreover, constructing and managing offices in suburban locations require more attention to improving infrastructure, transportation, and community facilities.

Why should businesses choose office buildings that meet environmentally friendly standards?

What is LEED Silver certification?

LEED certification is an international system for evaluating and certifying green buildings and real estate projects. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a standard developed by the US Green Building Council. Its purpose is to encourage and assess the positive impacts of construction on the environment and human health.

LEED Silver certification is one of the levels of LEED certification, where Silver represents an intermediate level of compliance with green requirements and standards. To attain LEED Silver certification, a building must meet stringent requirements in areas such as energy efficiency, water management, and sustainable construction materials. Additionally, compliance with standards for indoor air quality and environmental management is essential.

The benefits of choosing LEED-certified office workspaces

  • Community connectivity: Environmental-friendly office buildings or those within integrated business parks can build better communities and foster connected workplaces. They offer combined living and working spaces, creating better conditions for meetings and interactions. These buildings can also host events, conferences, and community activities, encouraging collaboration and sustainable developments.

LEED certification office in HCM

Community connectivity, networking, and interaction

  • Nature friendliness: Green office buildings bring occupants closer to nature. Designed and constructed with the environment in mind, they promote energy efficiency, water conservation, and proper waste management. With lush greenery and open landscapes, these spaces create a refreshing environment, benefiting mental and physical well-being as well as encouraging interaction, connection, and creativity to reduce stress.
  • Increased work efficiency and creativity: A working environment close to nature with lush greenery and open spaces can enhance employee comfort, boost efficiency and creativity. Beyond increasing work productivity, it fosters personal development and employee satisfaction, helping businesses retain talents and achieve sustainable successes.

LEED certification office in HCM

Increase productivity, creativity and connectivity among employees

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon – An office building designed to Singapore standards and has attained LEED certification office in HCM City

OneHub Saigon is an Integrated Business Park located at the gateway of Saigon Hi Tech Park, situated on Hanoi Highway. OneHub Saigon visions to be a “technology hub” in Thu Duc City and offers shared office spaces of varying sizes. These spaces are available to companies operating in diverse sectors, including information technology, material technology, biotechnology, logistics, banking, call centers, and many more.

OneHub Saigon was constructed folliwing the concept of Work – Live – Play – Learn, and a focus on placing people at the center of development. The project seamlessly integrates a commercial center, office buildings, event venues… and outdoor sports facilities.

LEED certification office in HCM

LEED certification office in HCM

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon – LEED certification office in HCM City

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon achieved LEED Silver certification – an eco-friendly and sustainable standard developed by the US Green Building Council. It is also the first building to be LEED certified in Saigon Hi-Tech Park, with the low-rise campus-style buildings currently a trending concept.

Following successful business park models in Singapore like International Tech Park and Changi Business Park, the low-rise office towers with extensive green spaces prioritize people’s well-being, OneHub Saigon is directly connected to Station No.12 of Metro Line No.1, which is under construction. The Metro line is expected to be in operation by the end of 2023 or early 2024. When in operation, it promises to bring a new working culture to the city. Employees working at OneHub Saigon will have the opportunity to embrace this unique culture in their daily lives, adopting new habits, walking, and engaging in more activities, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

LEED certification office in HCM

LEED certification office in HCM

LEED certification office in HCM

OneHub Saigon with a Singapore-standard office building design


OneHub Saigon is a Grade A Campus-style LEED certification office in HCM City located outside the central business districts. By meeting green and sustainable standards, this office project creates a high-quality working environment and contributes to the sustainable development of Saigon Hi-Tech Park.

With Tower 1 achieving LEED Silver certification and developed by reputable contractors, OneHub Saigon as a whole and Tower 1 specifically provides modern and well-equipped office rental spaces. It is an ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking eco-friendly workspaces that contribute to environmental protection.

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