Saigon Hi Tech Park office – Integrated Business Park in Ho Chi Minh City elevates the quality of workspace

Saigon Hi Tech Park office – Integrated Business Park in Ho Chi Minh City elevates the quality of workspace

Campus-style buildings are seen as a first-of-its-kind model for high-quality workspaces in Saigon Hi Tech Park office. These buildings offer businesses a professional, sophisticated, and modern work environment with modern and convenient designs. The low-rise buildings surrounded by lush greenery, this model is not only a place to work but also promotes creativity, interaction, and business development. Let’s explore the outstanding amenities and services that elevate the quality of your workspace to a new level.

Campus-style office model – Unique yet familiar

The campus-style office building is a unique workspace design concept, inspired by university and school campuses. This style creates a multifunctional, spacious, and nature-oriented working environment.

This campus-style model is designed with flexible spaces that are not too tall, blending indoor and outdoor spaces. They have lush greenery, relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor meeting areas. These elements create a friendly workspace close to nature and benefit employees’ physical and mental health.

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

A typical campus-style building

In some Western countries, this model also includes shared amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops, conference rooms, gyms, and creative spaces. The campus-style approach not only creates a professional and modern workspace but also fosters creativity, motivation, and interaction among members within the work environment. It is a new trend in office design aiming at elevating the quality of workspace and enhancing employee satisfaction.

The benefits of working in campus-style green buildings in Saigon Hi Tech Park office

Working in a green office building with a campus-style design brings numerous benefits for employees, including:

  • Comfortable workspace: Green office buildings are designed with spacious floor plates, abundant natural light, and lush greenery. This creates a comfortable work environment that fosters growth, creativity, and a positive working spirit.
  • Increasing productivity: A green and comfortable working environment helps reduce stress, improve employees’ health and morale. It also enhances job satisfaction and comfort, thereby contributing to an improved quality of life and work performance.

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

Comfortable workspace increases productivity for employees

  • Enhancing employee mental health and work-life balance: Campus style creates a nature-friendly working environment. Lush greenery, gardens, and outdoor spaces help reduce stress and enhance the physical and mental well-being of employees.
  • Creating a flexible working environment: Campus-style office buildings often have flexible workspaces with multiple utility areas suitable for different needs. This allows employees to choose a workspace that suits their individual needs and preferences, from communal spaces to private areas. This flexibility enhances interaction among individuals and creates an efficient working environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption: The office building implements energy-saving systems for electricity, water, and overall energy usage. It utilizes renewable energy sources and incorporates improved designs to minimize energy wastage during operations.
  • Large floor plates with few columns: This feature optimizes the office’s space, providing opportunities for businesses to develop better R&D capabilities. Technology businesses using heavy machinery require ample space to conduct research and laboratory activities.

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

The campus-style office floor plates are typically spacious with few columns

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon – The campus-style office building in Thu Duc City elevating the quality of workspace

Currently, OneHub Saigon – An Integrated Business Park in Ho Chi Minh City is built in the prominent Campus-style in the East Saigon. Tower 1, along with its surrounding landscape, has been put into operation. It is proud to be a LEED certification office in HCM City by the US Green Building Council and is the first green office building in Saigon Hi-Tech Park.

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Saigon Hi Tech Park office

Saigon Hi Tech Park office – OneHub Saigon with LEED Silver-certified Tower 1

Built on the Work-Live-Play-Learn concept, OneHub Saigon provides a versatile and comprehensive environment with international standard office buildings, multi-functional entertainment spaces, and an ideal training center. It is seen that this Grade A Campus-style business park is developed based on the concept of combining living spaces with workplaces aligning with the popular trend of hybrid working.

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

Saigon Hi Tech Park office

The campus-style office building OneHub Saigon – Tower 1

OneHub Saigon is the Integrated Business Park and a campus-style office building located in Thu Duc City with a 12-hectare scale. It is strategically located at the entrance of Saigon Hi-Tech Park in Thu Duc City and directly connected to Station No.12 of Metro Line No.1 via a pedestrian bridge. The commute from this Saigon Hi Tech Park office to the central business district r (District 1) or Tan Son Nhat International Airport takes only 25 minutes. All these factors make OneHub Saigon an ideal choice that businesses cannot overlook for their office rental or relocation needs.


Above is information that you need to know about the definition and benefits of a campus-style office building. As a result, Saigon Hi Tech Park office in campus-style OneHub Saigon, Integrated Business Park in Ho Chi Minh City, stands out as an ideal location to be utilized as headquarters or offices for businesses, especially for those in the technology industry.