OneHub Saigon: The new economy’s technology incubator


Before the development of digital infrastructure, businesses at the moment realize that: The outbreak of the pandemic affirms the importance of connectivity. Businesses that want to continue to grow must focus on building infrastructure and digital transformation.

Data and data centers are proving to be crucial in powerful digital transformation. In addition to rapid growth, businesses are also very interested in the cost problem when increasing the number of employees, expanding offices, and retaining talent.

New economy – digital economic infrastructure on the rise

At the economic forum in April 2022, the leader of Ho Chi Minh City said that we are living in a world with two economies: a digital economy and a traditional one.

Which, the digital economy is growing strongly and overwhelmingly. Ho Chi Minh City aims to account for 25% of the digital economy by 2025 and 40% of HCMC’s GRDP by 2030.

OneHub Saigon

According to the report “The New Face of Vietnamese Consumers” conducted by McKinsey & Company, 41% of digital consumers in Vietnam are new to using digital technology in consumption.

Quickly launching appropriate technology products and services, many start-ups recorded rapid growth. Positive results paint a bright picture for businesses applying technology.

Technological levers in Thu Duc City

The first important factor for digital infrastructure leverage is the keyword “data”. The explosion of technology and digital transformation leads to a spike in data, especially during the COVID-19 period. With the unprecedented increase in Internet use demand, focusing on building data centers has become an urgent task to create momentum to promote digital infrastructure in the new economy.

This explains why the 1Hub Data Center project attracts so much attention from the business community. With the highest investment capital in 2021 up to 70 million USD, the project is expected to create more attraction, bringing together innovative businesses to the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City (SHTP) in the East of Ho Chi Minh City.

OneHub Saigon

On the other hand, finding a “common home” for businesses is not an easy problem. For example, in group of back office companies such as customer support centers (call centers), banking administration, or technology companies, the number of IT engineers, programmers, etc. can grow exponentially. when the business goes into the “wheel” of development.

With a number of employees up to thousands of people, it is not easy to find a “landing ground” with a large space, supported by digital infrastructure, and located near a large partner. This task is even more difficult in the context of businesses having to manage financially amid COVID-19. This is also the reason why many businesses decide to join the decentralization trend – move out of the core center to find technology hubs like Thu Duc City. Rent is assessed as “easier to breathe”.

OneHub Saigon

The vibrant business ecosystem in the East of Ho Chi Minh City

OneHub Saigon

As part of the vibrant business ecosystem of SHTP, Thu Duc City, OneHub Saigon welcomes the wave of moving out of the CBD, providing the perfect office space solution at a much more optimal cost.

OneHub Saigon

OneHub Saigon

Mr. Hoang Long, General Director of 1Hub Data Center, shared: “The data center will join OneHub Saigon to contribute to the diversification of the business and technology community in SHTP and Thu Duc City.” In the coming time, OneHub in particular, and digital infrastructure in Thu Duc City in general will play an important role, helping to promote the potential for high-tech investment development and create an innovative business ecosystem. new excitement.

Source: TuoiTre Online