Deciphering the attraction of the Grade A campus office model in the East of Ho Chi Minh City


Spending at least 8 hours a day at work, many employees consider the workplace as their “second home”. In the “new normal” period, what changes are young people making in their criteria for choosing an office? Let’s explore the campus office – one of the most popular trends today.

Campus-Style – New office model

văn phòng campus hạng A OneHub Saigon

Grade A campus office in the East of Ho Chi Minh City

Office Development Trends Survey (Office FiT) on more than 100,000 business owners and tenants in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) on employee changes upon return offices after the Covid-19 epidemic in 2021 by real estate consulting firm Savills revealed that in addition to the top factor of safety, up to 74% of people surveyed are interested in the quiet environment in Hanoi. Workplace.

Notably, although the trend of WFH (Work From Home) is gradually becoming popular, up to 55% of respondents want to work at the office at least 3 times a week to breathe. working environment, interacting with people, and looking for development opportunities. 63% of respondents emphasized the importance of communication and communication between employees. Faced with the increasing demand of office workers, especially Gen Z, for a “second home”, it is not difficult to understand that campus-style offices are interesting and loved.

In fact, this is a familiar model abroad, but it is still quite new in Vietnam. Therefore, OneHub Saigon – a commercial office complex built according to the Campus office model – attracts a lot of attention from businesses, especially those with young, dynamic human resources, as well as businesses. like from office workers.

văn phòng campus hạng A OneHub Saigon

OneHub Saigon focuses on developing international standard Grade A office space with the vision of creating a vibrant business community

Sharing the reason for loving this new office style, Ms. Tue Chi (28 years old, sales staff at OneHub Saigon, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) said: “From the day I moved to work here, Both myself and my colleagues feel more comfortable, the road to work is not as congested as when going to work in the center, and there is a company car to pick up, so we do not have to suffer from dust and heat. For me, this campus model is more comfortable than many Grade A office buildings in the center thanks to its spacious campus with lots of trees and other facilities.”

Located at the gate of the Saigon High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City, OneHub Saigon is also highly appreciated by experts for its convenient commuting location, from its strategic location right on the front of the Hanoi highway, it takes less than a minute to move. 25 minutes drive to Ben Thanh Market (District 1), Tan Son Nhat international airport (Tan Binh). In addition, the connection to neighboring provinces such as Bien Hoa, and Binh Duong is also very convenient.

văn phòng campus hạng A OneHub Saigon

Metro Line 1 will be a convenient means of moving from the Hi-Tech Park to the city center

Explore OneHub Saigon’s campus office

OneHub Saigon makes a difference with its large green campus, low construction density, and ability to create effective human connections. This special design is the passion of architect Colin K. Okashimo – the owner of the Architect of the Year award, famous for the resort projects Ephelia, Halaveli, Shiseido Spa, Pullman Hotel…

Developed under the concept of Work – Live – Play – Learn, OneHub Saigon creates a flexible space to work that combines healthy outdoor activities, bringing comfort and convenience to employees. office staff. Tower 1 building with the same style as a low-rise Grade A campus office with a floor space of up to 2,000 m2 helps businesses optimize the design for the resting and working area. The central green park is an environment that connects people through outdoor physical and interactive activities.

Located in a population with leading technology companies such as Samsung, Intel, Schneider, Nidec…, OneHub Saigon is like a magnet to attract companies outsourcing, information technology, manufacturing technology, or industry. supporting businesses for large enterprises… This promises to create a vibrant, multi-connected, dynamic, and creative business environment for HCMC.

văn phòng campus hạng A OneHub Saigon

Green, tree-lined pedestrian walkway at OneHub Saigon

OneHub Saigon is a commercial office complex with an area of ​​12 hectares including 1 commercial center, 7 international standard Grade A office towers, 2 office towers combined with WOHO (Work – Office – Home – Office), and 1 training center.

The project is developed by Gaw NP Capital Investment Fund – a real estate investment unit with extensive experience in developing high-end residential projects, commercial complexes, retail, 5-star hotels, and real estate. industrial real estate in Vietnam.

(CafeF, 2022)