Exploring the Integrated Business Park – OneHub Saigon in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring the Integrated Business Park – OneHub Saigon in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Hi-Tech Park is strategically oriented to become a national technology hub. It serves as a catalyst for the development of science and technology in the Eastern area of Ho Chi Minh City. With its current direction, Saigon Hi-Tech Park has the mission of fostering the creation of new industries for the nation. Simultaneously, this area also assumes a pioneering role in advancing high technology, incubating businesses, providing training for high-tech enterprises, and fostering innovation and creativity… in the future.

To gain a deeper understanding of the Integrated Business Park and the potential it holds, let’s explore the prominent features and benefits of this business park within Saigon Hi-Tech Park.

What is an Integrated Business park?

An integrated business park is an area specifically designed and developed for the dual purpose of office workspace and commercial activities. This is a place where office buildings, commercial centers, and supporting services are concentrated. It provides a wide range of amenities to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations.

With the increasing demand for “work-life balance,” integrated business parks are often built with high standards of infrastructure, technology, and working environment. The aim is to create a conducive environment for internal business activities and commercial transactions.

What is an integrated business park?

What is an integrated business park?

Development of Integrated Business Parks in Vietnam

Currently, the construction of integrated business parks is gradually emerging as an optimal choice due to the integration of work, living and entertainment. According to research by experts, business communities are increasingly developing with the characteristic of establishing a business ecosystem situated amidst lush greenery and open spaces.

The campus-style business community model is constructed with a low building density and a significant proportion of lush greenery. Many integrated business parks have achieved success by adopting this model, with notable examples including Changi Business Park (Singapore), Ascendas’ OneHub Chennai (India), the International Tech Park System (India) and many more.

International Tech Park Bangalore in India

International Tech Park Bangalore in India

Therefore, drawing inspiration from these successful examples, Vietnam is also gradually progressing. However, this model is not yet widely popular in the country, and most Campus-style business parks are still in the development and completion stages.

Currently, the integrated business parks in Vietnam not only provide high-quality office spaces but also offer reliable infrastructure and convenient amenities. This creates a professional working environment that is conducive to the long-term development of businesses and organizations.

Is the Integrated Business Park today trending?

Trends in integrated business parks

Currently, the trend of constructing integrated business parks in Vietnam is growing increasingly robust. It not only provides a well-equipped and professional workspace but also integrates diverse amenities and services such as recreational areas, restaurants, supermarkets, and many more. The development of these complexes meets the rising demands of businesses and office employees, contributing to enhancing the quality of life and work environment.

integrated business park in Ho Chi Minh City

Integrated business parks are currently experiencing a strong development trend in major cities

OneHub Saigon – Pioneering Integrated Business Park in Thu Duc City

OneHub Saigon Business Park brings out a breakthrough with its vast lush greenery, low construction density, and efficient human connectivity. This distinctive design embodies the confidence and passion of architect Colin K. Okashimo – awarded Architect of the Year. With the philosophy of Work – Live – Play – Learn, OneHub Saigon establishes a flexible environment that combines work with wholesome outdoor activities, delivering comfort and convenience for office employees.

OneHub Saigon Business Park in Ho Chi Minh City

OneHub Saigon Business Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, the project has been completed and operational with Tower 1, alongside the expansive green landscape. Tower 1 is constructed following a low-rise “campus-style” design achieving LEED Silver environmental standards. It offers spacious floor plates of up to 2,000 square meters to optimize office space design for businesses. The central green park serves as a connecting environment through outdoor physical interactions as well as providing dining and relaxation areas for employees working at OneHub Saigon.

OneHub Saigon’s development plan

Over the next 2 years, OneHub Saigon plans to further develop and complete Tower 2, 1Hub Data Center, and continue to enhance the central landscape. Looking ahead to the next 5 years, OneHub Saigon will continue to introduce additional buildings and other entertainment amenities . It provides an exciting communities for employees working in the Park and being an ideal location for businesses to choose as their office headquarters.

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon features low-rise buildings and an expansive green landscape

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon features low-rise buildings and an expansive green landscape


OneHub Saigon Business Park at Saigon Hi-Tech Park is gradually evolving into an ideal destination to meet the demand of modern and well-equipped workspace. This contribution is driving economic and technological development within the region as well as for Ho Chi Minh City as a whole.

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