Explore 1Hub Data Center – High-tech data center of Saigon Hi-Tech Park located in Thu Duc City

Explore 1Hub Data Center – High-tech data center of Saigon Hi-Tech Park located in Thu Duc City

1Hub Data Center – The high-tech data center of Saigon Hi-Tech Park is a project with a total investment amount of up to 70 million dollars. Let’s explore the scale, functions, and significance of data centers for businesses in the modern era.

Learn about Data Centers


Data Center is a vast network or group of interconnected servers. The connected computers can be delegated to organizations to run applications, providing them with the capacity to connect employees and resources while also serving as storage for data processing.

What is a data center?

What is a data center?

Another way to define a Data Center is a facility comprising interconnected computers, storage systems, and computer infrastructure. It is used by organizations to gather, process, store, and disseminate a large amount of data. Businesses heavily rely on applications, services, and data provided by data centers, making it a critical component for their daily operations.

There are several types of data centers distinguished based on resources, capacity, and operational time. Below are the levels of data centers and their characteristics:

  • Tier I: This is the most basic type of data center, with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that provides continuous power supply. Tier I data centers do not have a backup system, but must ensure a minimum uptime of 99.671%.
  • Tier II: Tier II data centers will have redundant power systems, cooling systems, and ensure an operational time of at least 99.741%.
  • Tier III: Tier III data centers provide partial fault tolerance, ensuring protection for up to 72 hours in case of power loss, with full redundancy to ensure an operational time of 99.982%.
  • Tier IV: Tier IV data centers with an operational time of up to 99.995% have a maximum downtime of 26.3 minutes per year. They also offer full fault tolerance, complete redundancy, and up to 96 hours of protection in case of power loss.

Many levels of Data Centers

Many levels of Data Centers

Apart from tax and cost issues, the places where data centers are built and chosen based on specific criteria such as location, stability in terms of weather and earthquakes, accessibility to airports and roads, ability to provide telecommunications and energy. Additionally, the current political environment may also be a factor.

Why are data centers important to businesses?

Data centers can support almost all computing applications, data storage, networking, and business information of enterprises. Within the scope of operations conducted on computers, the data center serves as the core of business operations. Data centers also allow a focus on issues such as:

  • Data processing
  • Network connectivity & Computing infrastructure
  • Computer database security

These are essential aspects that companies developing in new technology industries need to ensure seamless connectivity and operations while maintaining the highest level of security for their databases.

Why are data centers important to businesses?

Why are data centers important to businesses?

How does a data center operate?

After learning about the definitions of a data center, let’s explore how a Data Center operates. In reality, data centers allow businesses to aggregate their resources and infrastructure to process, store, and communicate data, including:

  • Create a system for storing, sharing, accessing, and processing enterprise-wide data.
  • Provide physical infrastructure to support data processing and communication.
  • Provide additional support utilities such as cooling, power supply, network security, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Aggregating all these resources in a data center enables organizations to perform the following tasks:

  • Protect data systems and exclusive data.
  • Concentrate IT staff to process data for contractors and suppliers.
  • Apply information security controls to the entire system and exclusive data.
  • Actualize economies of scale by consolidating sensitive data systems at a single location.

How do data centers operate?

How do data centers operate?

Learn about 1Hub Data Center – A data center located in Thu Duc City, with a total investment of up to 70 million dollars

Recognizing the significance of a data center, modern complexes are seizing the opportunity to develop their own ones. As a result, 1Hub Data Center is constructed as a data center located within Integrated Business Park OneHub Saigon, developed by Worldwide DC Solution (Singapore), with a substantial investment reaching 70 million dollars. The objective of 1Hub Data Center is to become a provider of services such as server rental, rack space rental, leasing space, data center colocation, and also data center management services.

The project is developed and designed to meet the full standards of Tier III Data Center, with a total estimated floor area of over 18,000m2 and a height of 55m. 1Hub Data Center is expected to commence operations from early 2025. Its main goal is to contribute to the advancement of the digital economy in Saigon Hi-Tech Park and the Integrated Business Park OneHub Saigon, ultimately driving Vietnam towards the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Data center of Saigon Hi-Tech Park - 1Hub Data Center

Data center of Saigon Hi-Tech Park – 1Hub Data Center


This article has highlighted the significance of data centers in the digital age for businesses’ operations. Once completed and operational, 1Hub Data Center will become a valuable ally for enterprises. It will also contribute significantly to the development of the Integrated Business Park OneHub Saigon and Saigon Hi-Tech Park as a whole in the future.

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