Green office buildings with ESG-aligned criteria


In the current context, the trend toward constructing green office buildings has gradually become a significant priority for many businesses. The “ESG” (Environmental – Social – Governance) has spurred the emergence of green office buildings, which not only reflect modern working models but also demonstrate responsibility towards the surrounding environment and the community.

In this article, we will explore the concept of green office buildings and why the ESG criteria are becoming an important direction for many businesses. We will also examine the correlation between green design and the ESG trend, as well as delve into the benefits that green office buildings bring to businesses and society.

What sets a green office building apart from a Grade A office?

What are the differences in concept and quality between a Grade A office building and a green office building? Let’s explore these two concepts.

What is a Grade A office?

The term “Grade A office” is commonly used in the commercial real estate industry to refer to high-quality office buildings that boast a prime location and are constructed and operated to meet exceptional standards. Grade A offices are typically spacious, elegantly designed, well-equipped, have good security measures, and are managed by professional entities. These offices are often situated in central locations of cities or thriving business districts, attracting many large businesses to establish their headquarters there.

What is a green office building?

Green offices are different from Grade A offices because they are designed to focus on environmental benefits. Green office standards involve an environmental management system aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the workspace. Employees can regulate their behavior towards the environment, reduce air pollution and save energy with green offices.

What is a green office building?

What is a green office building?

Why should you choose a green office building for your company’s office?

After the Covid pandemic, people are more concerned about health, especially mental health. In addition, the economy is still difficult leading to businesses tending to move offices to the outskirts of the city with lower rental costs for the purpose of saving. Many companies are prioritizing the selection of workplace locations in green office buildings on the outskirts, which offer notable benefits such as:

Positive Environmental Impact

Green offices have the benefit of minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The daily activities of a normal office generate unwanted emissions, heat radiation, dust, and noise. However, this doesn’t happen with green offices because greenery and recycled materials are used to help purify the air and reduce heat radiation. Therefore, green offices not only help improve air quality but also reduce industrial waste, save costs for businesses, and protect the environment.

Protecting and improving the environment is one of the benefits of green office buildings

Protecting and improving the environment is one of the benefits of green office buildings

Benefits for People

Green office buildings bring numerous benefits to human health. In addition, it also has a positive impact on the environment in terms of factors such as emissions, dust, recycling, and industrial waste. The benefits of green offices include providing fresh air, reducing heat radiation and stress, improved cardiovascular and immune health, enhanced creativity and focus, and helping maintain emotional and mental balance. All these benefits contribute to the success of businesses and help protect the environment.

Benefits for Companies/Businesses

Green offices are designed with criteria such as open space, many trees, and natural light that help reduce energy consumption, limit unnecessary lighting and air conditioning. Moreover, it also helps enhance employees’ environmental awareness within the company. Additionally, the combination of a green working environment and economic value can create a favorable impression and leave a strong impact on business relationships. In general, designing a green office helps businesses to grow up and brings value to both people and the environment.

Green office buildings, along with outdoor working activities, help employees relax and increase work productivity

Green office buildings, along with outdoor working activities, help employees relax and increase work productivity

OneHub Saigon – A high-quality green office building in Thu Duc City

OneHub Saigon is an Integrated Business Park constructed to rade A office standards. It is a new business park in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City that promises to attract emerging technology companies and foreign enterprises.

General Information about OneHub Saigon Green Office Building


Strategically located at the entrance of the Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP), OneHub Saigon offers excellent connectivity and swift access to both the CBD and international airport within a 25-minute drive. It boasts a prime location next to the proposed SHTP metro station and is directly connected via a pedestrian bridge. The project is also in proximity to key landmarks such as the National University Village, Fulbright University, Suoi Tien Theme Park, and the new Eastern Bus Station.

OneHub Saigon project

OneHub Saigon project

OneHub Saigon is strategically located between the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City and the areas of Bien Hoa, Binh Duong, and Nhon Trach Industrial Park. This makes it convenient for businesses with manufacturing facilities in Bien Hoa, Nhon Trach, and other nearby areas to set up their back office (administrative offices) at OneHub.


The project consists of 11 buildings with a total constructed floor area of up to 360,288 m2. OneHub Saigon will have a large-scale commercial center, 6 office towers, 1 data center, 2 Work-Office-Home-Office (WOHO) buildings, and 1 training center.

OneHub Saigon is designed with green standards to create a sustainable development environment for businesses. The project promises to be a place that enhances community connectivity and fosters innovation. It is an ideal choice for tenants in high-tech fields as well as supporting industries such as information technology, biotechnology, precision engineering, new materials, e-commerce, or operational units of financial institutions, call centers, data centers, and logistics.

Advantages of OneHub compared to traditional offices

Tower 1 at OneHub Saigon meets the LEED Silver standard – an internationally recognized green standard for sustainable design and construction operations. This will help minimize negative environmental impact and enhance health and comfort during work. The LEED standard is applied to construction projects and includes elements such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, use of recycled and renewable materials, improved indoor air quality, and support for clean transportation.

Tower 1 of OneHub Saigon has achieved LEED Silver certification

Tower 1 of OneHub Saigon has achieved LEED Silver certification

The changing needs of office employees have led to the development of the campus-style model for office buildings. OneHub Saigon has implemented this model with low-rise office towers surrounded by green landscapes and accompanying recreational and working amenities. This provides employees with a modern office experience and a reduced level of stress compared to traditional offices in the city center. Moreover, this model also focuses on promoting the physical and mental well-being of employees during work.

Why is OneHub Saigon the ideal choice for technology companies in Thu Duc City?

Suitable for businesses that are looking to implement ESG standards

OneHub Saigon, as a green office building, is designed to accommodate businesses that are pursuing ESG standards (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance). These standards assess issues related to climate, water and air quality, emissions and waste management, business ethics, employee conduct, risk management, human resource governance, and asset turnover. The goal of OneHub Saigon is to create a hub that provides information on sustainable businesses and their contributions to environmental and social issues.

ESG Standard

ESG Standard

The project is located in a key Hi-Tech Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Hi-Tech Park is a multifunctional economic and technological zone located in Thu Duc City. The Saigon Hi-Tech Park is home to many leading companies in high-tech fields, such as Nidec, Samsung, Intel, Jabil, etc.. OneHub Saigon is a part of thriving business eco-system of Saigon Hi-Tech Park, making it highly suitable for companies that are partners or service providers to large enterprises within the Saigon Hi-Tech Park.

OneHub Saigon is located in Saigon Hi-Tech Park

OneHub Saigon is located in Saigon Hi-Tech Park


Green office buildings are expected to become a prominent trend in the coming years, aligning with businesses’ aspirations for current ESG standards. Presently, OneHub Saigon stands out with its numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking a versatile location to provide services, establish training centers, host events, and set up modern, fully-equipped commercial centers, among others. Its innovative and sustainable design ensures a conducive environment for both business growth and eco-conscious practices, appealing to organizations looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility and operational efficiency.